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About Usanu

Tamara Allen-Cousins
Usanu Theatre
Born June 2004
Jessica Mistovski

Usanu Theatre is experimental and eclectic, appealing to the senses and playing with the intellect. Usanu experiments with and encounters new performance ideas, fusing our individual styles and creating a diverse vision and unique ensemble. There is no limit to the direction our work will take as we play with the boundaries of performance art, challenging the confines of artistic and theatrical space.

Central to Usanu’s creative approach is the meeting between the spectator, performer and the space. From this we explore the boundaries of the performer- spectator relationship and the meeting of art and theatre. We believe that any space is a potential performance area and we thrive on creatively exploring, enhancing and transforming sites through our performance art.

Our theatre is inspired by the continual development of European and other International performance practice. At the heart of the company's work is the desire to discover new performance possibilities through the development of concepts and ideas, which are rooted in the practical application of the company's research. We seek to reawaken audiences to these possibilities, by contorting and distorting their expectancy of ‘theatre’.

Usanu Theatre is a collaborative performance company and we constantly redefine our contemporary theatrical style, which is informed by our work with new artists from an eclectic mix of genres. We are strongly committed to the development of the arts in an educational context and we aim to make our theatre accessible and available to an international audience of all social and economic backgrounds.

From this, Usanu Theatre endeavours to offer our audience a theatrical experience that is both stimulating and unique.

If you have any questions about Usanu Theatre or our work, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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