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   Usanu Theatre present

ams in a Pink Glass’

                                       Directed by Jessica Mistovski

‘Chaotic, jolted, beautiful. Strange, bizarre, disturbing and utterly dream-like.’
- Audience Member -

Extended showing on request, Usanu Theatre present our exciting, innovative and fresh piece ‘Dreams in a Pink Glass’, at the Oval House Theatre on Monday 29th May 2006.

Usanu Theatre’s debut performance of ‘Dreams in a Pink Glass’ played to a sold-out audience at The Old Sorting Office, Barnes and at The Place, London Euston, Studio 5. This special performance...

                         explores the body
                                    in a journey of abstract dreams
              incorporating physicality
                                  and a dash of surrealism.

A recommended experimental piece
that will keep your senses alert

Vibrant yet Dark

Directed By : Jessica Mistovski
Performed By : Rachel Birch
Kathryn Bond
William Collins
Katie Ray
Live Music By : Wayne Walker-Allen
Designed By : Cristina Penna
Hair and Make-Up By : Seema Chorpa
Music Composed By :
Tom Lane
Tom Berry
With Many Thanks To :
Ann Carole (The Old Sorting Office)
Vivianne Phillips
David Whitworth (RACC)
David Leuenberger


‘True to a surrealist night dream. Funny and highly original.’

‘I really enjoyed it - Unusual and fascinating!’

‘Fantastic, mesmerising and brilliant physical theatre’
Harriet Poole, Visual Arts
(The BRIT School for Performing Arts & Technology)

‘Constantly inventive, visually arresting and intellectually provocative. But mainly great fun!’
Professor Alastair Pearce, Musician and Principal
(Rose Bruford College)

Copyright © 2006, Usanu Theatre