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About Usanu

Usanu Theatre Educational Activity Programme

“To Inspire and Stimulate: Creating through Play”

Usanu Theatre provides a selection of interactive workshops which serve as an introduction to the company’s unique approach towards theatrical play.

We are strongly committed to the development of the arts in an educational context and we believe that skills developed through the performance arts are essential in today’s society. These beneficial and fun-filled sessions instil an understanding of and appreciation for the arts, nature and culture.

We apply a variety of disciplines and theoretical techniques to our distinctive workshops which are based on our professional performance practice and training methodologies. Our workshops delve into creating through exploration and experimentation, particularly engaging with physical and vocal expression through the focus of the body within space.

Usanu Theatre’s workshops can be tailored to the age and skill-level of the participants; from primary school children to university students, community groups and adults; whether they have had a large theatrical background or are new to the field. We also have a range of workshops for students who want to discover new paths in their artistic work.

Our educational programme is open and available to all and our hands-on approach ensures a creatively safe and stimulating environment.

Usanu Theatre’s Workshops

The following workshops are available throughout the year:

Unusual Approaches to Playing and Devising in Theatre
- Experimental approaches to characters and text -

Exploring the Notions of Memory and Play within Theatre
- Being in the here and now -

Creating in Space - Unexpected Theatre
- Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary -

Exploring Creative Expression - Learning Through Theatre
(Particularly suitable for Ages 6-10)

Writing and Devising - Sharing your story

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To book a workshop and for more information, please e-mail with your requirements.

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