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Usanu Theatre present

                 Our * International Debut * of


                                                                  Directed by Jessica Mistovski

Usanu have chosen to explore an Intense, Intimate and Imprisoning Fiesta where the spectators are all unsuspecting performers contributing to the evening.

A SAUCY and ATTENTION-GRABBING hour packed with PANIC, RELUCTANCE, EXCITEMENT, HOT HANDS and hopefully a hell of a lot of SMILES!!

Ever wanted to meet an air-stewardess out of a plane?
Be offered the chance to liberate yourself with 15 other multi-lingual strangers?
Experience an uncomfortable, confusing and thrilling performance-party in which you’ll be glad you didn’t wear high heels or too much after-shave...

...and be left feeling that you want to wash your hands?

No? Then bring a friend...

A few more secrets we’ll let you in on...                                                 
There might be                                                                 

*****Drinking Games,                                                                  
*****A three course meal                                       
*****Jelly Tasting                                                                                      
                          Spontanious Events*****
                                                                              Live Theatre*****

...then again, there might not, so none of what we’ve written might be true...

Where’s the Party ? ? ?

#1: the groovy new Cirkus Bar! Geneva on Friday 1st and Friday 8th December 2006 @ 8pm.
#2: Carouge's Marchand De Sable Bar! Geneva on Sunday 3rd December 2006 @ 9pm
#3: Café Metis! Geneva on Sunday 10th December @ 7pm

Up For It? We’re Ready…

ATTENTION: Suitable for Adventurous and Open Minded Adults.
(Suitable for over 16’s only)

Wanna be a VIP ? ? ?
The Tables are booked for only 15 VIP Guests per performance so book your ticket NOW by calling Natasha on +41 (0) 795 471 709 as fast as you can!

***CALL US AN U won’t Be Dissapointed!***

Times ? ? ?
Turn up 15mins early for a relaxed pre-drink and to soak up the atmosphere. Clothe yourself comfortably yet ready for a party to impress. Have a smile and wink at the door!

Language: Performances are in French, English, Spanish and sensorial languages!

Directed By : Jessica Mistovski
Performed and Collaborated By : Alexandrew Achour
Rachel Birch
Jean Bohnert
Natasha Broadhurst
Nathalie Reichert
Production Manager : Natasha Broadhurst
With Many Thanks To :
The Cirkus Bar
The Marchand De Sable Bar
Café Metis

Copyright © 2006, Usanu Theatre