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Jessica Mistovski

Jessica Mistovski

Jessica is a highly enthusiastic theatre practitioner who seeks to find and encourage the merging of art, theatre and nature. She is based in Greater London and after graduating from Rose Bruford College in ‘European Theatre Arts’ formed Usanu Theatre Company.

Jessica has a particular interest in abstract, surreal and unusual theatre that is thought provoking and challenges the performer as much as the audience. Jessica is a keen director and takes pleasure in working with foreign text, sounds and music. She thrives on finding new sites for site-specific productions as she enjoys devising theatre from energies that lie within the spaces.

Jessica has had a diverse experience as a Theatre Workshop Facilitator for children, youths and adults both within the UK and internationally. She endeavours to work frequently with the community as she finds this particularly rewarding.

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Directorial and Performance Work with Usanu Theatre

‘Dreams in a Pink Glass’ production at The Oval House Theatre
‘Dreams in a Pink Glass’ production at The Place; Studio 5
‘Dreams in a Pink Glass’ production at The Old Sorting Office
‘Camellia in Chiswick Land' production at Chiswick House
‘The Poor Room’ production at The Kew Bridge Steam Museum
‘The Poor Room’ scratch at The 'Brit School for Performing Arts
‘The Poor Room’ scratch at The Cockpit Theatre
‘The Poor Room’ scratch at The Yard Theatre

Outreach Activity with Usanu Theatre

Workshop leader and ‘Dreams in a Pink Glass’ performance showing at Richmond Adult Community College
Workshop Leader at ‘Okehampton College’
Workshop Leader for ‘The PUSH Foundation’, Tobago
Workshop Leader at ‘Mountgrace Methodist Church Drama Group’, Tobago Workshop Leader at ‘Signal Hill Comprehensive School’, Tobago
Workshop Leader at ‘The Presbyterian School of Light and Life’, Tobago

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