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Kathryn Bond

Katie Ray
‘Dreams in a Pink Glass’ performance Showing for Richmond Adult Community College
‘Dreams in a Pink Glass’ production at the Old Sorting Office, The Place Studio 5 and the Oval House Theatre

Kathryn is an actress. Whilst training at Bretton Hall she discovered her passion for creating physical and experimental work. She has recently worked on live art based performances with the company ‘Action Hero’. She has also worked with ‘COSmino’ a Polish/English theatre company who have influenced and supported her work.

Kathryn has a passion for clowning and she is keen to create work that has elements of ridiculousness, silliness and a sense of ‘bad clean fun’. As well as looking for exciting acting experiences Kathryn is the co- artistic director of theatre company ‘Silky Grandma’ who are currently creating a character sketch based show ‘The Ditch Dweller’s’. The company are looking to tour fringe venues, festivals and also run workshops.

Kathryn is also seeking suitable representation for her work.

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