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Wayne Walker-Allen

‘Dreams in a Pink Glass’ performance Showing for Richmond Adult Community College
‘Dreams in a Pink Glass’ production at the Old Sorting Office, The Place Studio 5 and the Oval House Theatre

Wayne is a musician and composer who has been working almost exclusively in the dance field since 1998. His study of cultural contexts of music has allowed Wayne to develop various styles of Percussion and Vocals. His musical ability also extends to Guitar, Piano, Mandolin and Harmonica amongst others.

Wayne has created and performed many works ranging from electronic soundtracks ("Sardines" dance film), to live drumming performances in St Paul's Cathedral (Moving Visions dance Theatre). He also has a strong interest in improvisation, especially within the relationship between the dancer and musician.

Wayne is a regular musician at London Contemporary Dance School and Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary dance. He has also worked frequently with Richard Alston dance Company, Rambert Dance Company, Phoenix Dance Theatre and Dance United.

He also loves riding his motorbike!

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