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William Collins

William Collins
‘Dreams in a Pink Glass’ performance Showing for Richmond Adult Community College
‘Dreams in a Pink Glass’ production at the Old Sorting Office, The Place Studio 5 and the Oval House Theatre

William is interested in both performance and choreography. Since graduating with Honours from The Laban Centre London, he has worked with a diverserange of directors and choreographers including Firak di Bello (Butoh), Claudio Girard (Baroque) and Melitz Spahic (Dance Theatre). Working with Usanu Theatre has given him experience in physical theatre and voice work.

His Choreographic works are products of cross-media collaborations and investigations into time-based art and physics theory. Collaborative work with (Sculptor) Nick Hornby and (Violinist) Gemma Cumming is being shown in art galleries and festivals throughout the UK.

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