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About Usanu

YoU and Us

First we leap from the mountaintop
and then we discover how to fly.

To develop our creative wings, we need your help.

Your generosity and continued support will enable Usanu Theatre to spread our wings in creating experimental, challenging and stimulating theatre on the 'stage' and in the community.

In supporting Usanu, yoU become one of Us. Choose at your pleasure to become either a kindred Spirit, an Angel or a Saint:

You & Us-ian Spirit £10 (click here)
You & Us-ian Angel £25 (click here)
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In return O'Kind One, you will receive quarterly E-newsletters (we love trees), advance information on new Usanu Theatre events and productions, and priority on advance bookings, as well as a strong feeling of satisfaction!

Regardless of whether you chose to become a Saint, an Angel or a Spirit we truly appreciate your support, which makes Usanu Theatre possible.

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